Hi! My name is Basile Bong. I'm a Frontend Web Developer based in Cologne, Germany.

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When designing interfaces I focus on user experience and cooperate goals. Using storyboards, wireframes, and mockups I can prototype my ideas and build design systems that help maintain consistency across all products and to illustrate how applications work.


I build web applications with functional and aesthetic interfaces while prioritizing usability, performances, scalability. When facing new challenges, the needs of the end-user and the cooperate goals are always at the center of my reflections

It all began with a simple hello world

When I was 12 years old, I received my first computer with two books: learning HTML and learning C++. That day I had no idea that a simple "hello world" was going to be the beginning of a new adventure.

Today I am a frontend developer and code is part of my daily life. Since programming has become my passion, I love to share and expand my knowledge.

Besides programming, I love to compose music, hike in the mountains and cook delicious meals.

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